Technical Translation

Translation of technical documents

As globalisation increases in business, so does the demand for technical product information to be available in more than one language.

Technical translation is a specialist process involving the translation of documents produced by technical authors, or more specifically, texts that relate to specific subject matters and deal with the practical application of scientific and technological information. Technical translation includes the translation of many types of distinctive texts and thus by its nature requires a high degree of understanding. Command of the particular subject, including knowledge of the relevant terminology and conventions, is also of key importance. Our technical translators are conversant with specialist knowledge due to their qualifications and long-standing expertise in their particular areas.

Amongst others, we translate in the fields of: Aerospace, Machinery, Electronics, Process technology, Telecommunications, Office equipment, Medical equipment, Laboratory instruments, Power tools and Automation etc.

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2014-07-18 NURI Telecom Co. Ltd. South Korea have chosen The Translator Group: Nuri Telecom have chosen The Translator Group as supplier of specialised and certified ...


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