SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Internet Promoting

On-page Optimisation

We offer search engine optimisation in all languages.
For on-page optimisation, we can translate your web page(s) from any language into the desired language(s).  This is all carried out in line with local requirements and guidelines published by search engines, while having consideration for the countries and respective languages involved.
Prior to translation, pages are examined by an SEO, a search engine optimisation specialist, and if necessary, adapted and/or optimised. This ensures that the end result is search engine friendly. On-page optimisation includes measures that are necessary and required by search engines in order to increase the website’s performance.

On-page optimisation is to be considered a prerequisite and starting point for further optimisation actions (see off-page optimisation). On-page optimisation is a one-time measure and does not usually include follow-up optimisation activities.

Off-page Optimisation

Naturally, we also offer off-page optimisation through our network and partners.
Off-page optimisation encompasses all measures beyond your website which make your website easier to locate in search engines and thus on the internet.
This includes the creation of back-links and links relevant to the subject of the website, for example. It also includes the creation of satellite pages and landing pages.
Off-page optimisation can only be performed after an on-page optimisation has been completed.

International Internet Promoting

Our company and network partners offer professional Internet Promotion.
Internet Promotion is a combination of on-page and off-page optimisation in addition to further measures that improve a customer’s ranking in search engines. During the term of the promotion contract, regular optimisation of the website (on-page) is performed whenever deemed necessary.
During promotion, regional, national and international requirements for the customer can be integrated, i.e. promotion can be adapted to stress certain regions, countries or international localisations.
Thus, Internet Promotion varies considerably from a one-time on-page optimisation and from off-page optimisation, which is often deemed to result in an immediate increase in link popularity. Internet Promotion actually encompasses all round support for the lifetime of the contract period.

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