Professional Translators

Professional translators are necessary for translations of documents or texts of a professional standing in order to provide exact and contextually accurate translations of those documents.

Languages and the need for professional translators

In order for a document to be translated accurately it requires a professional translator. Additionally, turning to a professional translation agency ensures that you can trust the translator and that confidentiality is ensured.

At The Business Translator we are continuously working to provide our customers the best and most efficient translations. We have proofreaders of international standing so that even after the translation is done no mistakes exist. Our professional translators are authorities in their respective fields so that we can keep our standard of translations. Our continuous efforts are rewarded with a worldwide recognition for the high standard of our translations.

If you have a smaller assignment that do not require project management you can contact our sister company The Native Translator.


2015-06-08 The Translator Group, now certified according to ISO17100: The Translator Group, as of June 1st, is one of the first translation agencies in ...


2014-07-18 NURI Telecom Co. Ltd. South Korea have chosen The Translator Group: Nuri Telecom have chosen The Translator Group as supplier of specialised and certified ...


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